Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chicks and Bunnies

For nature Wednesday a few weeks ago, we went to the Animal Shelter where our dogaphobic little girl fell in love with a friendly little handicapped puppy. It had a broken leg, and was being cared for by the staff there. Adrie begged and begged for days to take that puppy home. I still haven't heard the end of it.

This week we went to IFA to see the chicks and bunnies. The staff was so friendly. They took out the bunnies to let the kids touch them and told them some fun facts about chicks.
Like how those chicks will grow up to lay eggs in 6-8 weeks! Wow!
And the dark brown chicks will lay green eggs. The yellow ones will lay brown eggs.
They'll lay about one egg a day and those eggs will be much healthier and tastier than the hormone filled ones you buy at the store. Hmmm.
They brought out a package of marshmallow Peeps for each of my kids! What a happy fieldtrip!

If I had to have a pet, I'd choose chickens over a dog. Until then, I'm looking into buying farm fresh eggs.

As it is Easter week, we read another one of our favorite holiday stories. The Country Bunny
If you want an easter story that you and your kids will LOVE. Read this book. It has a beautiful a message that kids and adults will relate to and remember.

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